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How does it work:

Submit details

Vendors first submit details of their property to the platform. The specific property details are kept confidential until we have committed agents interested in selling the property.

Select agents

Vendors select up to three agents using our search engine which shows local agents' sales performance. AgentAuction finds additional agents for you to make a total of five. Those agents are invited to submit proposals to list your property.

Competitive bidding

Agents then submit competitive commission proposals (“bids”) and a property appraisal. All costs are spelled out: commission, marketing and advertising costs as well as each agent's marketing plan, experience and track record.

Everybody wins

Vendors choose their preferred proposal and avoid time consuming sales pitches and negotiations. Agents can focus all their attention on selling the property for the highest price.

AgentAuction simplifies and improves real estate agency services:

  • Competition between agents for your listing eliminates any haggling over commissions
  • Agents are freed from chasing business to spend more time doing what they’re good at: finding buyers and selling your home for the highest price
  • Transaction costs are lowered. Vendors, agents and buyers all benefit

Why Use AgentAuction?

AgentAuction makes the process of choosing an agent easier

Our search engine shows vendors an unbiased overview of local agents performance. Unlike other websites, AgentAuction takes no fees from agents to appear on the site (all information is derived from public sources).

AgentAuction ensures fees are transparent and competitive

AgentAuction lets vendors compare commission fees, marketing costs and service levels between agents to drive the best possible pricing.

We make the process of negotiation easier

AgentAuction ensures the relationship with an agent gets off on the right foot. Hard-sell tactics and bargaining are eliminated, so that the agent can focus on getting the best result for the vendor.

Saving time and money for agents, vendors and buyers

Real estate agents spend a lot of time and money on home appraisal leaflets, billboards and glossy magazine ads. Ultimately, home sellers and buyers are paying for that marketing. Agents can now spend more time doing what they’re best at: finding buyers and selling the property.

Compare agents’ appraisals

AgentAuction gives you a range of home appraisal values from the ‘bidding’ agents. These are based on the sales and valuation databases that only agents have access to. Agent appraisals are far more accurate than the simplistic models used by other free websites.

Genuine, unbiased, comparison tool

AgentAuction is the only website in New Zealand to allow property-specific comparisons of commissions. We are also the only website to show vendors an unbiased view of local agents’ performance.

About AgentAuction

AgentAuction was founded by two Wellingtonians, Andreas Heuser and Henry Milne, supported by a team of Kiwis who are equally driven to improve real estate agency services.

Andreas Heuser - CEO
Andreas has a background in economic policy, law and finance, both in New Zealand and Europe.

Henry Milne - COO
Henry is responsible for the technology and strategic development of AgentAuction. He has previously developed several successful technology and web ventures.

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